Ontario Prohibits Gatherings of More Than Five People with Strict Exceptions

An early morning walker practises social distancing as she takes in the sunrise over Lake Ontario in Toronto.
Source: The Canadian Press/Frank Gunn

Date Published: March 28, 2020

The Ontario government issued a new emergency order on March 28 to prohibit organized public events and social gatherings of more than five people. Exceptions include private households with more than five people, and operating child care centres supporting frontline health care workers and first responders provided that there are less than 50 people at each facility. Funerals would be permitted with up to 10 people at one time.  Organized public events over five people including social gatherings, weddings, and communal services within places of worship are also prohibited.

Read the full announcement here: https://news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2020/03/ontario-prohibits-gatherings-of-five-people-or-more-with-strict-exceptions

Summary by: Sophia Duong