Op-Ed: A path back to normalcy: How Canada needs to respond to this pandemic

Health-care workers walk to a COVID-19 testing facility in Montreal.
Source: Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press

Date Published: March 28, 2020

Source: The Globe and Mail

David Naylor and Tim Evans write that the Canadian government needs to work collaboratively to increase efforts to prevent overwhelming hospitals and ICUs and avoid large rises in morbidity and mortality. Detailed de-identified data in real time is needed in order for decision makers and the general public to have a clear idea of present events and possible next steps. COVID-19 risk management and response will require (1) testing and contact-tracing to be scaled up and (2) blood testing for immunity in the community. This information can guide short-term physical distancing measures and adjust these measures, which have had great effects on the economy, over the long-term.

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Summary by: Jayoti Rana