Physical distancing has halved rate of spread of COVID-19 in B.C., official modelling suggests

B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry explains modelling for COVID-19 in the province.
Source: Mike McArthur/CBC

Date Published: March 27, 2020

Source: CBC

BC health officials have released news that the province may be showing early signs of “flattening” of the curve after introducing physical distancing measures starting March 12th. The province is now seeing a 12% daily increase as opposed to a potential 24% without these measures in place, much lower than the rates seen in northern Italy and Hubei province. This was coupled with a report that suggests that the province is reasonably prepared to handle the number of hospitalized COVID-19 cases if the current trajectory continues. The government has also designated 17 hospitals to act as the primary centres for COVID-19 care and freed up more than 3,900 hospital beds in anticipation. However, a spike is still possible if an outbreak occurs in a vulnerable region or population, and it will still take another week or so to see the true effects of physical distancing.

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Summary by: Helen Genis