Ontario Increasing Public Health Units’ Capacity to Stop COVID-19

Medical staff work at a computer terminal as they prepare for the opening of the COVID-19 Assessment Centre operated by The Ottawa Hospital and CHEO. 
Source: Justin Tang/The Canadian Press

Date Published: April 3, 2020

To support efforts by public health units to stop the spread of COVID-19, Ontario is redirecting resources to increase public health unit capacity. Ontario has launched a new-user friendly online portal for the public to easily access their COVID-19 lab test results to ease pressure on public health units and front-line healthcare workers to deliver this information. Ontario has also issued a new emergency order effective immediately under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. This order enables public health units to expand their capacity for critical public health functions (e.g. case and contact management) by calling on volunteers. Volunteers include nurses and medical students, who have signed up through the province’s website to participate in public health efforts.

Read the full announcement here: https://news.ontario.ca/mohltc/en/2020/04/ontario-increasing-public-health-units-capacity-to-stop-covid-19.html

Summary by: Jayoti Rana