Ontario hospitals ban health-care workers from criss-crossing borders to work

Windsor Regional Hospital said it had 57 staff members, including critical care and emergency nurses and doctors, working in its hospital as well as ones in Detroit.
Brittany Greeson/The Globe and Mail

Date Published: April 6, 2020

Source: The Globe and Mail

A surge in COVID-19 prevalence in Michigan compared to Canada has prompted questions on the risk of spread to Canadian healthcare professionals working in the USA. Some hospitals in border cities (Windsor and Sault Ste. Marie) have asked healthcare workers to choose a side of the border to work in and remain working on that side. However, there remains 1,600 essential workers who travel from Windsor into Detroit every day and the healthcare system in southeast Michigan relies significantly on Canadian professionals. A health unit in Windsor found that one-third of the confirmed COVID-19 cases were healthcare workers of whom half travelled to the United States. There remains no strict policy on these workers as Ford said Saturday he wouldn’t close the border to essential healthcare workers in retaliation against President Trump. At this time, these border cities must rely on citizens following public health guidelines.

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Summary by: Mark Youssef