Growing calls to re-open parks, expand streets to pedestrians amid COVID-19

A man strolls past a playground in Wrentham, Mass. Tuesday, April 7, 2020 after town officials made the decision to close all public parks, trails and recreation areas for at least one week to contain the spread of coronavirus.
Mark Stockwell/The Sun Chronicle via AP

Date Published: April 18, 2020

Source: CTV News

Canadian residents, particularly those residing in large urban centers, are finding it difficult to maintain safe social distancing in the limited confines of narrow sidewalks and green space. Calls to close city streets to cars and reopen parks, in order to increase open space, have been made. Experts point to the positive mental and physical health effects of outdoor recreation, especially during stressful events. Notably, claustrophobia can have a greater impact on those of lower socioeconomic status, who may not have access to private green or outdoor spaces such as a balcony or a large backyard. A number of cities, including Ottawa and Vancouver, have begun to close major streets during certain hours of the day to expand outdoor space for pedestrians.

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Summary by: Megan Lam