Our mental health won’t be the same after coronavirus pandemic, experts say

Global News

Date Published: April 18, 2020

Source: Global News

For many individuals with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, the pandemic is exacerbating their symptoms in light of job losses, economic collapse, and the complete uprooting of everyday life and relationships. However, once the physical-distancing measures are lifted, people are going to be dealing with residual stress, depression, financial pressures and the stress of learning to re-engage the world in a new way. This will be difficult for many individuals and potentially a risk factor for increasing rates of depression, anxiety and suicide. The current coronavirus is a traumatic societal event, and once the threat passes, people may experience mental health issues as a means of dissociating themselves with the trauma they experienced. To prepare for the mental health “pandemic” following COVID-19, governments, employers, and the public need to ensure proper treatments and programs are funded for people to access once we begin to loosen some of the restrictions of the pandemic. 

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Summary by: Joseph Chon