3M files first lawsuit against Canadian company accused of selling N95 masks for $17 each

Justin Chin/Bloomberg

Date Published: April 21, 2020

Source: Financial Post

The U.S. company 3M has filed a lawsuit accusing Ontario reseller Caonic Systems Inc. of selling N95 face masks at unreasonably high prices ($17 US each, more than five times the $3 list price), in order to unfairly profit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The filed notice of application alleges that Caonic Systems Inc. used Shopify-based sites to sell masks that it claimed were made by 3M and continued to market the masks even after they received a complaint. The notice of application says that 3M intends to “advance comprehensive claims against the infringing parties” but that their immediate goal is to prevent the sales of these masks, locate the stock of masks, verify authenticity, and then redistribute to healthcare workers if they are in fact authentic. Similar legal action has already been taken by 3M in other U.S. states, accusing resellers of capitalizing on equipment shortages.  

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Summary by: Christina Blagojevic