PM urges Canadians not to drop their guard as officials show progress in COVID-19 fight

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians not to let their guard down as new modelling from public health officials shows a positive trend in the fight against COVID-19. 
Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press

Date Published: April 28, 2020

Source: CBC

The strict adherence of Canadians to social-distance and self-isolate has flattened the curve in many parts of the country. Prime Minister Trudeau in conjunction with Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam, have announced today that public health measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 are in fact working. Updated epidemiological modelling indicates the doubling rate of new cases has decreased from every 3 days to every 16 days, and predicts between 53,191-66,835 cases by May 5. These short-term projections do not affect the predicted long-term forecast of a death toll between 11,000 to 22,000 over the course of the pandemic, even with the current disease control measures. The long-term predictions take into account the likelihood of a second wave of infection, and if Canada eases restrictions too fast, the numbers are likely to be even higher. The Prime Minister said later today they will release a guiding framework on reopening Canadian economies, developed in agreement with the federal, provincial and territorial governments. He emphasizes that this process will be gradual and careful, with controlling transmission as the top priority. 

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Summary by: Hira Raheel