Gatherings of up to 6 people to be endorsed by B.C. health officials, just in time for the long weekend

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry laughs as Premier John Horgan lays out the details for B.C.’s plan for a gradual return to normal life. 
Mike McArthur/CBC

Date Published: May 6, 2020

Source: CBC

The BC Government announced plans to gradually reopen life and restart the economy on Wednesday. The changes include gatherings of 2-6 people now being permitted, elective surgeries and other health services being allowed to resume in mid-May, provincial parks opening for day use starting in mid-May, and overnight camping resuming in June. Retail stores and restaurants could also open in the coming weeks, assuming they are able to provide adequate protection to their employees and customers and follow public health guidelines. Dr. Bonnie Henry, the BC Provincial Health Officer, emphasized that for these changes to continue, BC would have to continue on its current trajectory of keeping new infections and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 low. The ultimate goal would be to return to approximately 60% of normal interactions. Health officials stress that this would likely be the “new normal” until a vaccine or effective therapeutic is developed. 

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Summary by: Vincent Tang