Why millions of Americans are losing health coverage during COVID-19 pandemic

People line up to file for unemployment benefits in Fort Smith, Ark., last month. Most working-age Americans get their health insurance through their employer.
Nick Oxford/Reuters

Date of Publication: May 14, 2020

Source: CBC

While many Canadians enjoy the security of having insurance for healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans can no longer say the same. In the US, there is no single-payer healthcare system and many Americans rely on employment-based healthcare insurance. With unemployment increasing at a rapid rate due to public health measures, it is estimated that up to 27 million people will lose their insurance. This reality is bringing healthcare back into the forefront, with many individuals advocating for single-payer healthcare in the US. This was previously championed by Senator Bernie Sanders, and he and his supporters are increasing pressure on presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden to adopt a “Medicare for All” option as part of his platform. Experts believe that the conditions of the pandemic and political climate in the US are amenable to changes being made to the current system there.

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Summary by: Vincent Tang