Health Canada approves first clinical trial for possible coronavirus vaccine

Doubling rates are calculated from an average of growth rates over the past week. We compare this to the average growth trend over the previous week to see if growth rates are trending up or down. Data is plotted on a log scale. Provinces and territories are not listed in the above chart if they have fewer than 100 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
Global News

Date of Publication: May 16, 2020

Source: Global News

On Saturday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the first Canadian clinical trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine have been approved by Health Canada. The research will be conducted at the Canadian Centre for Vaccinology at Dalhousie University. This vaccine, Ad5-nCoV, was approved for Phase 1 human trials in China on March 17. Researchers in other provinces have also reported “promising early results.” Notable ones include Quebec biopharmaceutical company Medcago, University of Saskatchewan’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre, and a nasal spray vaccine from the University of Waterloo.

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Summary by: Ming Li