German state causes alarm with plans to ease lockdown measures

Germany Premier
Thuringia’s premier, Bodo Ramelow, centre, talks with Angela Merkel and Saxony-Anhalt’s premier, Reiner Haseloff.
Michele Tantussi/Reuters

Date Published: May 25, 2020

Source: The Guardian

Premier of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow, announced his state would end the obligation to wear face coverings and the limit on the number of people allowed to gather within two weeks. Ramelow indicates his plans are justified because his state has had one of the lowest infection rates in the country and that restrictions would be reintroduced immediately if cases rose beyond 35 per 100,000. 

A spokesman from Bavaria, which has been one of the worst-hit regions and borders Thuringia considers Ramelow’s plans “an incredibly dangerous experiment for all the people in this country.” Ramelow’s announcement differs from the scientific advice of the federal government. The federal health minister, Jens Spahn, in response to the premier’s announcement says, “We cannot allow the impression to emerge that the pandemic is already over.”

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Summary by: Jayoti Rana