WHO warns that first wave of coronavirus pandemic not over

Passengers wearing personal protective equipment enter the airport in Mumbai after the government allowed domestic flight services to resume during an extended nationwide lockdown to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus on Monday.
Francis Mascarenhas/Reuters

Date Published: May 26, 2020

Source: CBC

Although countries around the world are starting to ease lockdown measures, the World Health Organization executive director notes the first wave of COVID-19 is still ongoing. This is especially true for countries in South America and South Asia, including India, which is experiencing an increasing number of cases in poorer, highly populated areas and Brazil which has the second highest number of cases after the United States. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes the outbreak has passed its peak in the country despite 9,000 new cases, and is planning a military parade for Victory Day on June 24. Meanwhile, in South Korea, new measures (such as mandatory mask wearing in public transit and taxis) are being put in place after new infections have been linked to nightclubs and other public areas.

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Summary by: Helen Genis