Coronavirus pandemic: Updates from around the world

A man wearing a face mask walks down a busy street in Cali, Colombia, on June 1.
Gabriel Aponte/Vizzor Image/Getty Images

Date of Publication: June 2, 2020

Source: CNN

In some countries where the virus was rampant and has now died down—such as South Korea, China and Taiwan—restrictions have been since lifted for some while. South America is not in the same position. They are only in the beginning phases of the virus and cases have been quickly surmounting with densely packed populous city centres. Of note, Argentina remains under mandatory lockdown until June 7. Chile’s main cities remain under quarantine, but the country itself has not declared a full quarantine. Cuba, El Salvador, Haiti and Nicaragua are not easing restrictions. Many of the other countries in Latin America have begun gradual reopening of offices and businesses.

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Summary by: Michael Lee