Mandatory mask laws are spreading in Canada

Health officials are recommending you wear a mask in public, but some jurisdictions are starting to make it mandatory instead of simply a recommendation.
CBC News

Date of Publication: June 17, 2020

Source: CBC

As Canada moves towards reopening large sectors of society, many communities are calling for making wearing a non-medical mask in public settings mandatory, and indeed in some jurisdictions, such as Toronto, masks have been made mandatory on public transit. The latest evidence regarding masking does show that masks reduce the distance that droplets can travel from someone’s mouth with a mask, and there is preliminary evidence that countries with mandatory masking policies have seen reduced cases. However, some worry that the evidence around non-medical masks is not strong enough to make wearing them mandatory across the country, and others worry about how such policies will be enforced equitably. Masks4Canada, a healthcare professional and epidemiologist advocacy group, have recently called for more laws making masks mandatory in all indoor spaces, in crowded spaces, and on public transit in the hopes of reducing the risk of transmission as more and more people begin returning to a “new normal”. The current recommendation by the Public Health Agency of Canada is to wear non-medical masks in settings where physical distancing is not possible.

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Summary by: Vincent Tang