Global report: South Korea has Covid-19 second wave as Israel ponders new lockdown

Bathers at Sokcho beach, 130 miles from Seoul, South Korea.  Yonhap/EPA

Date of Publication: June 22, 2020

Source: The Guardian

Although South Korea had begun easing physical-distancing in early May, they are experiencing a second wave of the coronavirus in and around Seoul. Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director, Jeong Eun-kyeong explains “We originally predicted that the second wave would emerge in fall or winter. Our forecast turned out to be wrong. As long as people have close contact with others, we believe that infections will continue.” The mayor of Seoul has said stronger physical-distancing measures will be introduced if infections are not below an average of 30 in the next three days.

In Israel, which has seen more than 300 new infections in recent days, is also considering returning to lock down if behaviours with respect to wearing masks and maintaining distance does not improve.

In South Australia, contact-tracing experts have been sent to Melbourne and Victoria for three weeks to assist with local new outbreaks.

Three areas in north-eastern region of Aragon in Spain have entered lockdown following 33 new coronavirus cases while Portugal has also reimposed restrictions on gatherings in Lisbon to no more than 10 people. 

In New Zealand, those returning home will be mandated to complete 14 days of quarantine and must have negative COVID-19 tests before leaving quarantine.

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Summary by: Jayoti Rana