Welcome to the MythBusters section of the COVID-19 Central website. Thank you for having the curiosity to meander over to our neck of the woods. In these wild times, it’s hard to know what is fact, what is fiction, and what lies somewhere in between. The news is saturated with updates, information, and speculation at every possible angle of this situation. With so many perspectives and so much uncertainty, all it takes is passing by a television playing ABC World News Tonight with David Muir to find yourself hurtling through time and space, with echoing phrases bouncing around like, “coronavirus is an anagram for corn savior” — I think we all know what that means, and “covering yourself in garlic oil and rolling in organic chia seeds is the only surefire way to keep you and your family safe from this disease.” Neither of those things make any sense. Normally we wouldn’t feel like we would have to clarify that point, but in these ever-changing times we need to be as clear as possible. Perhaps you’ve found yourself three loaded pages deep in the comments on a YouTube video about handwashing, or hungrily perusing a paragraph written by someone with a South Park character as their profile photo and suddenly had the thought, “what am I doing?” That’s okay. We’ve all been there. The internet is a minefield of misplaced confidence, and navigating the facts takes effort. It takes discipline. It takes…Fallacy Smashers. No, wait. Misinformation Demolishers. Not quite. Ah yes…Myth Busters.

Our goal is to provide digestible overviews of the most potent falsehoods circulating the world wide web and beyond, and provide resources that support our skepticism. At the end of the day, uncertainty is terrifying. So, let’s breakdown some misconceptions, make things a little more manageable, and have some fun doing it. Let’s Bust. A. Myth.

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As we have seen, recommendations and information can change day-to-day. We’re bringing you the facts as they stand right now, and we’re committed to updating our mythbusting accordingly if or when new information arises.