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Mindfulness Resources – Part 1

Does all the recent talk surrounding COVID-10, Coronavirus, quarantine, and self-isolation have you feeling stressed, anxious or irritable? Now may be the perfect time to start a meditation practice. Mindfulness, which can be defined as present moment awareness, is an age-old practice. However, it has been growing in popularity more and more each year due … Continue reading Mindfulness Resources – Part 1

Mindfulness Resources – Part 4

Although often used interchangeably, what is the difference between mindfulness and meditation? Mindfulness is the human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not overly reactive to things that are happening around us. While mindfulness is something we all naturally possess, it becomes more readily available … Continue reading Mindfulness Resources – Part 4

Mindfulness Resources – Part 5

Take a deeper dive into how a regular Mindfulness & Meditation practice can positively affect your health! Research Organizations & Websites to learn more about Mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your daily life: Centre for Mindfulness Studies Center for Healthy Minds Mindfulness Center at Brown University Mind and Life Institute UMass Memorial Center … Continue reading Mindfulness Resources – Part 5

Mindfulness Resources – Part 6

Interested in the Buddhist philosophy behind Mindfulness & Meditation? Here are some Buddhist Resources & Meditation Teachers for a deeper dive! Insight Meditation Society Spirit Rock Meditation Center Dharma Seed Sharon Salzberg Joseph Goldstein Alexis Santos Sayadaw U Tejaniya Sylvie BowdenWritten in Collaboration with Gray Meckling

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Staying Fit in Quarantine – Part 2

Social Isolation Fitness Inspiration  Quarantining is very important for improving public health, but can understandably make daily exercise more difficult. However, COVID quarantine didn’t stop passionate runner Pan Shancu,  from Hangzhou, China, from getting his steps in.  Despite being quarantined in his small apartment, Shancu set up a track using two large tables and ran … Continue reading Staying Fit in Quarantine – Part 2

Cycling Indoors

Everyone has heard of treadmills, but not as many people have heard about options to cycle indoors. While it may not be as nice as feeling the wind riding outdoors, there are a lot of unique benefits in addition to maintaining physical distancing. Indoor cycling gives you a more controlled, technologically advanced environment that means … Continue reading Cycling Indoors

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Outdoor Activities Part II: Preventing Running Injuries for Those New to Running

Outdoor Activities (While maintaining social distancing) – Part IIPreventing Running Injuries for Those New to Running This blog post is aimed at those who are picking up running for the first time, or those getting back into running after a long hiatus. Since there are so few barriers to running, it’s very easy to get … Continue reading Outdoor Activities Part II: Preventing Running Injuries for Those New to Running

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Appreciate Art From Home

Appreciate Art From Home One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to enjoy beautiful art. Whether paintings, opera or ballet, art offers comfort and meaning to many of us. Luckily, it is possible to visit many of the best cultural centers around the world, all from the comfort of your own home.  … Continue reading Appreciate Art From Home

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Happiness is an Inside Job

No one could have predicted COVID-19 happening. As humans, we are creatures of habit – we do what we do and tend to not question or analyze it. However, right now, it seems as though we may be getting stressed and anxious since no one really knows what’s next. How do we take better care … Continue reading Happiness is an Inside Job

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Online Concerts

Bought tickets to a concert that you’ll never get to go to? Consider checking out an online concert or musical festival instead. Lots of artists have adapted to the current situation and have gone online. There are a ton of different online concerts and a lot of them are free! It might not be the … Continue reading Online Concerts

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