For Front-Line Workers

This page serves as a repository of infographics and other educational resources either targeted directly at front-line workers, or meant to be used as patient education material. Full size versions of all infographics used on this website, along with a selection of other websites which host infographics can be accessible using the table of contents below.

COVID-19 Central Infographics

Infographic describing what “flattening the curve” means. Version with just the curve without description below available as well.

Created by: Emily Chen

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Full Size Image without Description

Infographic describing what “social distancing” means, and how it leads to flattening the curve.

Created by: Emily Chen

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Infographic describing some of the common “symptoms of COVID-19” and the potential duration of time from exposure to symptom onset.

Created by: Emily Chen

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Infographic Sources

COVID-19 Fact Sheets

Part of the COVID-19 Health Literacy project, this page provides COVID-19 fact sheets in 35 different languages. All materials are reviewed by physicians and medical school faculty at Harvard Hospitals, and are created in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing.

COVID-19 Printable Project

The Printable Project provides resources based on current guidelines, whicih are editable for local hospitals and clinics. It is being worked on by Canadian frontline physicians with the assistance of medical students, and resources are designed by students at OCAD University.

BMJ Infographics – COVID-19 Remote Primary Care Assessments

Created as part of the BMJ article “Covid-19: a remote assessment in primary care”, this infographic provides a visual overview for primary care practitioners on how to assess patients for COVID-19 by voice or video call.

Urdu COVID-19 Infographics

Created by a University of Toronto MD student, these infographics in Urdu are based on WHO and PHAC resources.

Educational Videos

Educational videos (UHN)Donning and doffing personal protective equipment (PPE)Full precautions
Droplet precautions
Contact precautions

Airborne precautions
Educational video (SHS)Donning and doffing: What to do during full precautions or airborne/droplet/contact precautionsDonning and Doffing
Educational videoHow to clean your smartphone safely – BBC News
Dr. Lena Ciric, a microbiologist from University College London
How to clean your smartphone safely

Online Resources (applications, learning modules, webinars)

COVID-19 appMobile app intended for bedside use by first responders, public safety, and healthcare professionals to be used in the treatment of COVID-19 pandemic.COVID19medapp
ICU modules for the non-intensivist.Quick ICU Training for COVID
SCCM Webinars
Ontario MD Webinars’s-webinars-on-march-20.aspx


OMA – Physician Health Program

For physicians to speak to someone live if they need help: