Case Trackers

Canadian Case Trackers

COVID-19 in Canada

This application was developed by students at the University of Toronto, tracking confirmed cases, tests completed and deaths across Canada. The website acquires data from publicly available government reports and media to update every 24 hours.


This map displays a) confirmed COVID-19 cases b) individuals who are believed to be potential cases based on their form responses c) individuals who reported having previous medical conditions (ie. immunocompromised) and/or being over the age of 60.


Website created by a group of physicians, medical students, computational health researchers, designers, and epidemiologists using COVID-19 data to demonstrate Ontario’s current curve.

Worldwide Case Trackers

Johns Hopkins Dashboard

This application was developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

Active Cases Dashboard

This dashboard is an adaptation of the Johns Hopkins Dashboard. It uses the same data, but presents it in active cases per million rather than absolute number of cases per country. Dr. Russ Poldrack states that this provides a better guide to potential overload of health care across different country.