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Google Arts and Culture

Virtual tours of over 500 museums and tourist destinations.


Two-month free trials and offers a range of art courses.

Kline Creative

Free online drawing classes for beginners.

How to Draw It

Free online resources for drawing for people with no experience.

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Bob Ross

Videos allow you to have a paint night from the comfort of your own home.

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Free online courses in a range of subjects from Harvard, MIT and other reputable institutions.


Free online courses in a wide range of subjects.


Online education for kids and teens ages 8-16 via Facebook focused on science, cooking, staying healthy during COVID-19, and more.

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Free online courses in a variety of subjects.

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Yoga with Adriene.


App with guided meditations and mental health resources.

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Tiler Peck

Live Instagram dance lessons from principal dancer at NYC ballet.

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Google Earth

Tours of national parks of the United States.

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Berklee Online

Free online music courses from Berklee.

Name that Chord

Music game to name chords and play online chord naming game.

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Crazy Games

75+ free online multiplayer games.

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